Diversity, Equity
& Inclusion

Vision, Mission & Values Statements

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are intertwined with life and business at Snell & Wilmer. Altogether, the firm sends a powerful message: diversity, equity and inclusion are not end products but rather continuums pursued with the same urgency, sincerity, and eye on sustainability as any other strategic initiative.

Vision Statement

“One Community, Identity of Many”

Mission Statement

By honoring the unique qualities of individuals, educating our colleagues, and building meaningful alliances, Snell & Wilmer promotes a diverse group of qualified professionals that reflect the communities in which we live and the clients that we serve.

Values Statement

Our team is dedicated to achieving the goals of its Vision and Mission statements by adhering to the firm’s long-standing credo.


Snell and Wilmer is dedicated to bringing the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion to life. We recruit candidates that enhance our diversity, work to maintain an equitable and inclusive environment that promotes advancement and retention, and engage directly with the communities in which we work and live to support our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
Ray English

Senior Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Our Strategy

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Culture of Inclusion & Belonging
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Attract and Recruit

Snell & Wilmer is committed to diversifying the legal profession through intentional, concerted networking and mentoring efforts that impact historically underrepresented talent at the high school, undergraduate, law school and lateral levels.

Develop and Retain

Snell & Wilmer aims to create an equitable and inclusive environment in which people can learn, advance in their careers and thrive.


Our firm identifies opportunities for attorneys, staff and clients to engage with each other and within the community to help foster a culture of belonging.

Organizational Infrastructure