Attorney Development

Snell & Wilmer supports the development of every attorney through a variety of programs and initiatives led by attorneys and professional staff.

We believe the best way to learn the law and develop as a lawyer is through experience coupled with continuing education. From their first day, our attorneys are active participants in the work of the firm, contributing to the services we provide to our clients. To supplement this hands-on experience, we offer a robust attorney development program that incorporates training, mentoring, performance feedback, and social/networking opportunities to foster each attorney's professional engagement and advancement within the firm.


Training is an elemental component of our development program. From Day One, our attorneys have access to ongoing in-house trainings and written resources designed to supplement their on-the-job learning.


Mentoring (COACH Program)

We organize our firmwide mentoring efforts through a program we call COACH, or Colleagues Offering a Collaborative Hand.


Performance Feedback and Career Guidance

We prompt ongoing feedback and development discussions to support our attorneys' continuous growth and advancement, aiming to deliver performance-based feedback and goal-oriented discussions on a regular, timely basis.

Feedback and Guidance

Attorney Development Committee (ADC)

The Attorney Development Committee at Snell & Wilmer consists of a large group of representative associates, counsel, and partners across our offices whose primary goal is to create, manage, and improve professional development opportunities for our attorneys from the first day they join the firm.

Attorney Development Committee


As one's career evolves, so too does the tailored support we provide each attorney. In addition to our regular check-ins to discuss individual career goals, we developed the Partnership Pathways Program to provide tailored guidance about preparing for partnership at our firm.


About Us

The Attorney Development administrative team at Snell & Wilmer is comprised of 4 professionals dedicated to ensuring our attorneys have meaningful opportunities to learn from, connect with, and thrive alongside one another.

About Us