Creative Expression, Science, Technology, and Complex Systems Litigation


Clients sometimes find themselves confronting unusual, complex litigation matters, often but not always involving science, medicine, technology, or the commercialization of ideas or their expression. These matters call for litigation counsel with the specific knowledge, experience, and capacity to zero in on the central issues and develop an effectively targeted litigation strategy that makes the most business sense for the client. In this type of litigation, more than good analysis and planning are necessary. Effective counsel has the ability to prosecute strategy through to conclusion at trial while protecting the client’s reputation and brand sensitivities. Maximizing litigation outcomes — from early disposition, settlement, or trial — requires a thorough understanding of the technical subject matter and application of sound decision-making principles, including probability/magnitude risk assessments at critical points in the litigation process.

We frequently handle complex scientific, medical, and technical litigation in many sectors, including copyright infringement, information security breach, and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act matters, as well as complex biotechnology/pharmaceutical litigation, medical malpractice, and product liability matters. We also have extensive experience litigating patent infringement and trade secret matters.


While each client's decision whether to press forward to trial depends on client- and matter-specific considerations, we have found that our clients are best served by proven attorneys who stand ready, willing, and able to take a case to trial if necessary.

Our litigators include registered patent attorneys and former practicing engineers with degrees in the electrical, computer, chemical, mechanical, environmental, bioscience, systems software, civil, and other engineering and scientific disciplines, as well as attorneys with vast experience litigating other complex matters in a variety of technical fields. Our attorneys are experienced at conveying and demonstrating complex technological issues to judges and before juries.


We have represented clients ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies across a wide variety of industries. Our experience in disputes, large and small, enables us to effectively tailor our representation to fit each particular client's needs. We have represented clients in matters involving a broad array of products and services including, but not limited to, software systems, healthcare delivery systems, pest control delivery systems, nutritional systems, and financial systems and services.

We also offer educational seminars and legal updates for our clients to keep them apprised of changes in the law that may affect their businesses.