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Snell & Wilmer's Phoenix, Arizona law office traces its origins to 1938, when Mark Wilmer and Frank Snell established the firm. Phoenix is Snell & Wilmer's largest law office, with more than 175 attorneys serving a diverse client base that includes the nation's largest financial institutions, numerous corporations headquartered in Arizona and across the United States, start-up technology companies, privately held companies, manufacturers, software companies, major utilities, healthcare providers and many of Arizona's largest employers. Please see our Services page for a list of our attorneys' primary areas of practice.

Snell & Wilmer's Phoenix attorneys have been recognized by their clients and peers for their exceptional legal skills and ethical business practices. Our attorneys have been honored by a range of organizations, including The Best Lawyers in America©, Southwest Super Lawyers, Chambers USA: America's Leading Lawyers for Business®, AzBusiness Magazine's Arizona's Top Lawyers, Lawdragon's Top 3000 Leading Lawyers in America, Who's Who Legal and Ranking Arizona: The Best of Arizona Attorneys.

Our Phoenix, Arizona attorneys and staff are engaged in a broad range of community, civic and industry-related activities, dedicating their time and services to numerous non-profit organizations, including the Arizona Red Cross, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, the Arizona Commission on the Arts, Arizona Economic Council, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona, the Crisis Nursery of Phoenix, Habitat for Humanity, Homeward Bound, the National Charity League, the Phoenix Art Museum, the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, the Phoenix Symphony, The Thunderbirds, Valley Leadership, Valley of the Sun United Way and many others. Our Phoenix Office also has a long history of providing Pro Bono services to charitable organizations, civil rights causes, public rights causes and individuals without the means to pay customary legal fees.

Robert C. Bates Robert C. Bates
David A. Clark David A. Clark
Emily Gildar Wagner Emily Gildar Wagner
Ryan D. Konsdorf Ryan D. Konsdorf
Kevin W. Wright Kevin W. Wright
Fred T. Muna Fred T. Muna
Amanda  Sheridan Amanda Sheridan
Christopher M. Fahrendorf Christopher M. Fahrendorf
Christopher K. Provera Christopher K. Provera
Rachael Peters Pugel Rachael Peters Pugel
Jenna L. Bouchard Jenna L. Bouchard
William E. Van Curen William E. Van Curen
Michael O. Andersen Michael O. Andersen
Katelynn  Hall Katelynn Hall
Robert A. Clarke Robert A. Clarke
Paul A. Pappalardo, Ph.D. Paul A. Pappalardo, Ph.D.
Simone T. Raess Simone T. Raess
Matt  Jarvey Matt Jarvey
Brianna L. Long Brianna L. Long
Kristine L. Gallardo Kristine L. Gallardo
Allison B. Bans Allison B. Bans
Peter R. Montecuollo Peter R. Montecuollo
Lauren L. Munsell Lauren L. Munsell
Farris J. Gillman Farris J. Gillman
Kimberly D. Topel Kimberly D. Topel
Danny  Inglese Danny Inglese
Adiba  Jurayeva Adiba Jurayeva
Shalayne  Pillar Shalayne Pillar
David W. Wilhelmsen David W. Wilhelmsen
Benjamin A. Nucci Benjamin A. Nucci
Daniel W. Bowen Daniel W. Bowen
Megan H. Tracy Megan H. Tracy
Steven  Autenrieth Steven Autenrieth
Alexander C. Thoreen Alexander C. Thoreen
Justin K. Powley Justin K. Powley
Allison  Davis Allison Davis
Matthew P. Chiarello Matthew P. Chiarello
Brett J. Rufer Brett J. Rufer
Michele N. Washington, Ph.D. Michele N. Washington, Ph.D.
Lindsay  Short Lindsay Short
Sarah E. Delaney Sarah E. Delaney
Hannah  Speirs Hannah Speirs
Andrew  Sniegowski Andrew Sniegowski
Amelia A. Esber Amelia A. Esber
Soheila  Shahidi Soheila Shahidi
Anthony T. King Anthony T. King
Trisha Farmer Lau Trisha Farmer Lau
Aaron T. Martin Aaron T. Martin
R. Steven  Reed R. Steven Reed
Carlie  Tovrea Carlie Tovrea
Jennifer R. Yee Jennifer R. Yee
James G. Florentine James G. Florentine
Jeffrey S. Porter Jeffrey S. Porter
Stacy L. Molison Stacy L. Molison
Sarah S. Anand Sarah S. Anand
Jonathan B. Fitzgerald Jonathan B. Fitzgerald
Peter L. Krehbiel Peter L. Krehbiel
Creighton P. Dixon Creighton P. Dixon
Jacob C. Jones Jacob C. Jones
Tyler J. Fortner Tyler J. Fortner
Rebecca E. Eckert-Fong Rebecca E. Eckert-Fong
Justin E. Culbertson, Ph.D. Justin E. Culbertson, Ph.D.
Hsin  Pai Hsin Pai
Sandra A. Brown Sandra A. Brown
John  D'Antico John D'Antico
Joshua R. Zimmerman Joshua R. Zimmerman
Rebecca  Goodrich Rebecca Goodrich
Timothy J. Sabo Timothy J. Sabo
John D. Burnside John D. Burnside
David P. Nigro David P. Nigro
Julie H. Quigley Julie H. Quigley
Ian K. Douglas Ian K. Douglas
Walker F. Crowson Walker F. Crowson
Erica J. Stutman Erica J. Stutman
Cynthia L. Pillote Cynthia L. Pillote
Colin P. Ahler Colin P. Ahler
Timothy A. Smith Timothy A. Smith
Matthew A. Goldstein Matthew A. Goldstein
Michael C. Ford Michael C. Ford
Matthew P. Feeney Matthew P. Feeney
Lisa M. Coulter Lisa M. Coulter
Cheryl A. Ikegami Cheryl A. Ikegami
Robert J. Pohlman Robert J. Pohlman
William R. Hayden William R. Hayden
Gerard  Morales Gerard Morales
Jon S. Cohen Jon S. Cohen
Peter J. Rathwell Peter J. Rathwell
Jay D. Wiley Jay D. Wiley
Craig A. Logsdon Craig A. Logsdon
M. Lawrence  Brown M. Lawrence Brown
Todd V. Jones Todd V. Jones
William F. Mulholland, II William F. Mulholland, II
Christopher H. Bayley Christopher H. Bayley
Marc R. Currie Marc R. Currie
Richard  Mallery Richard Mallery
Craig R. McPike Craig R. McPike
Michael W. Patten Michael W. Patten
David A. Sprentall David A. Sprentall
David E. Weiss, Jr. David E. Weiss, Jr.
William A. Kastin William A. Kastin
Marvin S. ("Bucky") Swift, Jr. Marvin S. ("Bucky") Swift, Jr.
Carlos A. Sugich Carlos A. Sugich
Jeffrey E. Beck Jeffrey E. Beck
Joseph G. Adams Joseph G. Adams
Eric M. Nielsen Eric M. Nielsen
Robert H. Feinberg Robert H. Feinberg
John  Platt John Platt
Craig J. O'Loughlin Craig J. O'Loughlin
Joshua R. Woodard Joshua R. Woodard
Garth D. Stevens Garth D. Stevens
Gregory J. Marshall Gregory J. Marshall
Eric S. Pezold Eric S. Pezold
J. Damon  Ashcraft J. Damon Ashcraft
Brian J. Burt Brian J. Burt
David G. Barker David G. Barker
Warren E. Platt Warren E. Platt
Anne M. Meyer Anne M. Meyer
Charles P. Keller Charles P. Keller
Richard G. Erickson Richard G. Erickson
Prescott B. Pohl Prescott B. Pohl
Brett W. Johnson Brett W. Johnson
Brent W. Nelson Brent W. Nelson
Mark D. Ohre Mark D. Ohre
Brian W. Burke Brian W. Burke
Sheila  Carmody Sheila Carmody
Jennifer Hadley Catero Jennifer Hadley Catero
Raymond S. Heyman Raymond S. Heyman
Jason  Ebe Jason Ebe
Mitchell J. Klein Mitchell J. Klein
Bart J. Page Bart J. Page
Byron  Sarhangian Byron Sarhangian
Nicholas J. Wood Nicholas J. Wood
Don  Bivens Don Bivens
John J. Bouma John J. Bouma
James R. Condo James R. Condo
Barbara J. Dawson Barbara J. Dawson
J. Matthew  Derstine J. Matthew Derstine
Michael M. Donahey Michael M. Donahey
Brian J. Foster Brian J. Foster
Patrick X. Fowler Patrick X. Fowler
Donald L. Gaffney Donald L. Gaffney
Christopher P. Colyer Christopher P. Colyer
Greg  Gautam Greg Gautam
Barry D. Halpern Barry D. Halpern
Robert A. Henry Robert A. Henry
Richard H. Herold Richard H. Herold
Thomas R. Hoecker Thomas R. Hoecker
Joel P. Hoxie Joel P. Hoxie
Steven D. Jerome Steven D. Jerome
Robert F. Kethcart Robert F. Kethcart
Kelly A. Kszywienski Kelly A. Kszywienski
John F. Lomax, Jr. John F. Lomax, Jr.
Carlene Y. Lowry Carlene Y. Lowry
Daniel McEvers Mahoney Daniel McEvers Mahoney
Bradley V. Martorana Bradley V. Martorana
Lucas J. Narducci Lucas J. Narducci
Kevin J. Parker Kevin J. Parker
Patrick J. Paul Patrick J. Paul
Angela L. Perez Angela L. Perez
Jody K. Pokorski Jody K. Pokorski
Sid  Leach Sid Leach
Howard I. Sobelman Howard I. Sobelman
Bahar A. Schippel Bahar A. Schippel
Patricia Lee Refo Patricia Lee Refo
Ryan D. Ricks Ryan D. Ricks
Benjamin W. Reeves Benjamin W. Reeves
David E. Rogers David E. Rogers
Terry  Roman Terry Roman
Jeffrey A. Scudder Jeffrey A. Scudder
L. William  Staudenmaier L. William Staudenmaier
John C. Vryhof John C. Vryhof
Craig K. Williams Craig K. Williams
Rebecca A. Winterscheidt Rebecca A. Winterscheidt
Joyce K. Wright Joyce K. Wright
Marian  Zapata-Rossa Marian Zapata-Rossa
Adam E. Lang Adam E. Lang
Cory L. Braddock Cory L. Braddock
Andrew M. Jacobs Andrew M. Jacobs
Matthew K. Donovan Matthew K. Donovan
R. Lee  Fraley R. Lee Fraley
James J. Sienicki James J. Sienicki
Andrew F. Halaby Andrew F. Halaby
Vaughn A. Crawford Vaughn A. Crawford
Jeffrey D. Morton, Ph.D. Jeffrey D. Morton, Ph.D.
Paul J. Giancola Paul J. Giancola
Charles F. Hauff, Jr. Charles F. Hauff, Jr.
Marc L. Schultz Marc L. Schultz
Matthew Paul Fischer III Matthew Paul Fischer III
Heidi McNeil Staudenmaier Heidi McNeil Staudenmaier
Kelly  Wilkins Kelly Wilkins
James P. Melendres James P. Melendres
Anthony W. Merrill Anthony W. Merrill
Nancy K. Campbell Nancy K. Campbell
Amanda A. Reeve Amanda A. Reeve
Noel J. Griemsmann, AICP Noel J. Griemsmann, AICP

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