Fostering Collegiality and Building Community within the Workplace

The Attorney Development Committee at Snell & Wilmer serves as a conduit for fostering collegiality among all levels of attorneys at the firm, thereby strengthening the community within the workplace. In doing so, the Committee encourages inclusion and wellness for all attorneys. For example, each office has its own Attorney Development Committee members, who schedule and organize many events throughout the year to create camaraderie among the attorneys and help new associates and lateral attorneys feel at home. The events and programs are designed to appeal to a variety of interests and lifestyles. A few examples are noted below:

Social Activities Boating Trip

Social Activities*

  • Boating Trip
  • Casino Night
  • Happy Hours/Lunches/Dinners
  • Holiday Activities/Events
  • Spa Days
  • Ski Days 
  • Wine/Whiskey Tasting
*Events vary depending on office location

Health and Wellness Spin Class

Health and Wellness Activities

  • Employee Assistance Program (free, confidential counseling services, etc.)
  • Firm-Sponsored Teams for 5K races
  • Health and Wellness Committee
    Simply Well PDF
  • Student Loan Refinance Programs
  • Exercise Facilities (certain offices)
  • Discounts on Health Insurance (with annual biometric screening)

Family Friendly Ice Skating

Family-Friendly Activities

  • Date Night at the Movies/Babysitting
  • Family Ice-Skating
  • Major and Minor League Baseball games, Hockey games, and other Sporting events
  • Family Nights at Arcades, Zoos, etc.
  • Family Holiday Events
  • Bright Horizons Subscription for reduced-cost child, pet, and elder care

Attorney Bonding

Attorney Bonding Activities

  • Mentor/Mentee Pool and Bowling Tournaments
  • Associate and Lateral Lunches
  • Associate and Lateral Happy Hours
  • Female Attorney Events
  • Mentor/Mentee Coffee Breaks
  • Ice Cream Socials
  • Attorney and Partner Retreats (Spring/Fall)