Training and Seminars

Training & Seminars

Snell & Wilmer regularly offers presentations and seminars to clients, businesses and organizations, providing essential information on meeting OSHA/MSHA compliance standards and regulations, navigating inspections and accident investigations, taking preventive steps that can help minimize and avoid liability, and other important matters.

Conducted by Charles Keller, Snell & Wilmer's lead attorney in OSHA/MSHA litigation, the firm's specialized training and education presentations include a three-part seminar series that focuses on minimizing and preventing liability. This "Trilogy Series" includes the following sessions, each covering a full range of key topics:

Session One: OSHA Hot Topics and the Impact of the Trump Administration

  • Current changes at ADOSH
  • New statutory or regulatory changes at OSHA
  • Changes in OSHA under the Trump Administration

Session Two: What are an Employer's Rights and Responsibilities?

  • When can OSHA inspect a work area?
  • What rights does an employer have during an OSHA inspection?
  • Must all employees submit to an OSHA interview?
  • What are the unique issues arising out of a multi-employer worksite?
  • What documents does OSHA want to review and when must they be produced?

Session Three: What Can Be Done to Minimize OSHA Liability?

  • What evidence does OSHA need to prove a case?
  • Do safety materials need to be in Spanish?
  • How often should an employer conduct site safety audits?
  • What are the defenses to OSHA citations?
  • What is needed to comply with the unpreventable employee misconduct defense?
  • Is the unpreventable employee misconduct defense available if a supervisor is the guilty party?

Arizona Association of Defense Counsel Advocacy Seminar: Understanding the Threat of Criminal Prosecution for a Workplace Accident

Confronting Myths of the OSHA Inspection Process

Safety and Other Employment Issues Confronting Re: TELECOMMUTING

NEW! Recordkeeping Issues and Top 10 OSHA Constructions Violations

In addition, seminars are offered on a continual basis, which address a variety of OSHA/MSHA litigation matters and provide useful insights and information for employers, contractors, small businesses, construction companies, municipality risk managers, human resource professionals and others. The topics can be customized for the company or organization, to meet the needs of the group.

For a calendar of upcoming seminars or to schedule a presentation, contact:

Training Aids
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OSHA - What is the Multiple Employer Worksite Liability Theory?

It is well settled that in a Section 5(a)(2) case alleging a specific violation of an OSHA regulation, the employer may only be cited when its own employees had access or exposure to the hazard. However, over the years this general rule of OSHA liability has been greatly expanded by one exception to the general rule, the multiple employer worksite liability theory. Click the link to learn more.

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