Criminal Defense of Sexual Offenses

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Anyone can accuse you of a sexual charge, and the evidence is often based on hearsay. A divorce, a casual comment made by a child at school, a relationship between two teenagers and even clicking on a pornographic web site can all result in sexual criminal charges.

Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.), Title 13, Criminal Code, Chapter 14, Sexual Offenses, defines several primary sexual offenses. They are:

  • 13-1402 Indecent exposure
  • 13-1403 Public sexual indecency
  • 13-1404 Sexual abuse
  • 13-1405 Sexual conduct with a minor
  • 13-1406 Sexual assault
  • 13-1410 Molestation of child
  • 13-1424 Voyeurism

Additional offenses per (A.R.S.), Title 13, Criminal Code, Chapter 32, Prostitution, and (A.R.S.), Title 13, Criminal Code, Chapter 35.1, Sexual Exploitation of children can include:

  • 13-3206 Taking child for purpose of prostitution
  • 13-3212 Child prostitution
  • 13-3552 Commercial sexual exploitation of a minor
  • 13-3553 Sexual exploitation of a minor
  • 13-3554 Luring a minor for sexual exploitation

Being accused of a sex crime can be very devastating. Ramifications can include very lengthy imprisonment, hefty fines and registering as a sex offender which can have an effect on your job, where you live and even your friends and family. The fact is that when people read or hear about allegations of sexual offenses, they often conclude the allegations are true without even a hint of knowledge concerning the case.

Having the right sex crimes defense attorney can make a huge difference. Snell & Wilmer criminal defense attorneys know how to navigate this sensitive area of law and help our clients do what they can to prevent their family from being affected by sex crimes charges.

Sex Crime Defense Attorneys in Phoenix

Our Phoenix sex crime defense attorney team includes, among others, a former U.S. Attorney, a former federal agency Inspector General, several former federal and state prosecutors, a former Trial Attorney with the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, and former Judge Advocates from every branch of the military service. The firm is widely recognized and can leverage resources to address complex and sensitive issues.