Public Finance

Client and Industry Challenges

Complying with various and often complex statutes, staying up to date on notice and timing requirements, and navigating the countless additional tasks involved in funding public purpose projects often requires the assistance and expertise of experienced public finance counsel.

Snell & Wilmer’s public finance attorneys have served as special (bond) counsel or underwriters' counsel, or as counsel to parties related to the transaction (e.g., credit enhancer, banks, sponsors, developers, etc.) for several decades and across the United States. We strive to understand both the nuanced and practical aspects of public finance transactions and are dedicated to staying abreast of new and evolving state and federal legislation governing public financing.

Areas of Service

Our public financing services extend to and beyond the following areas:

  • Excise tax and system revenue bonds
  • Multi-family housing bonds
  • Healthcare revenue bonds
  • Municipal asset transfer financings
  • State pool and bond bank financings
  • Tax-Increment Financings (TIFs)
  • Public Improvement Financings (PIFs)
  • Single family mortgage revenue bonds
  • Student loan bonds
  • "Lower floater" and "tender option" bonds
  • Convertible capital appreciation bonds
  • Forward deliveries and "Dutch" auctions
  • Domestic and international letters of credit
  • Bond insurance
  • Debt service reserve surety bonds
  • Lobbying

Our firm is also regularly called upon to participate in complex and non-traditional public financings, such as the sale-leaseback of a portion of a state prison system, which generated funds to enable the state to resolve a significant environmental liability. We have also advised various states, counties, cities, and special districts in connection with their negotiations and financing of facilities that include, for example, major league baseball training sites, professional sports stadiums, and arenas.

Clients We Serve

Snell & Wilmer's public finance clients include banks, borrowers, sponsors, and developers. We also serve states, their boards and agencies, counties, cities and towns, school districts and universities, special and metropolitan districts, industrial development authorities, urban renewal authorities, and other special purpose issuers.

Why Clients Select Us

Dynamic and Comprehensive Approach: Our public finance attorneys have the advantage of being able to reach out to our more than 500 attorneys located throughout the Southwest to obtain their opinions on range of public finance-related matters, including those involving transportation, real estate, environmental, banking, litigation, and bankruptcy issues. Our seamless, multidisciplinary services help ensure that our clients obtain efficient, high-quality legal advice on matters.