Fraudulent Schemes

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In Arizona, A.R.S. §13-2310 states that “any person who, pursuant to a scheme or artifice to defraud, knowingly obtains any benefit by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, promises or material omissions is guilty of a class 2 felony.” In essence, if you participate in depriving a person of the intangible right of honest services, you could be facing anything from probation up to one year in jail, or three to 12.5 years in prison for a first-time offense. Additionally, it is not necessary for the person who is defrauded to actually rely on the fraud for you to be convicted.

Fraud schemes can range from complex white-collar crimes to simple check fraud. There are a lot of crimes that can fit into this category of fraud schemes including, but not limited to:

  • Bank Fraud
  • Bribery
  • Computer Tampering
  • Counterfeiting
  • Forgery
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Racketeering
  • Welfare Fraud
  • Internet Fraud such as identity theft or credit card fraud

If you have been accused of fraud or you are not powerless. A strong fraud defense will include looking at all aspects of the case and investigating it thoroughly. Snell & Wilmer’s criminal defense attorneys can help.

Fraud Defense Attorneys in Phoenix

Our Phoenix fraud defense attorney team includes, among others, a former U.S. Attorney, a former federal agency Inspector General, several former federal and state prosecutors, a former Trial Attorney with the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice and former Judge Advocates from every branch of the military service. The firm is widely recognized and can leverage resources to address complex and sensitive issues.