Legal Alert - Government Contracting and Executive Orders Under a Trump Administration (Part One)


by John F. Lomax, Jr. and Benjamin A. Nucci

With President-elect Trump’s victory, what is the future of President Barack Obama’s executive orders? As President Obama’s administration winds down, the Department of Labor has finalized regulations implementing several executive orders impacting government contractors. In a two-part series, we will review what several of those orders require and consider the impact a change in the Office of the President may have on the newly issued regulations affecting government contractors. Part One provides a brief synopsis of how executive orders have been handled in prior transitions. Part One also addresses two regulations affecting government contractors – the Fair Pay and Safe Workplace guidelines and the updated Sex Discrimination guidelines. Part Two will address the Paid Sick Time regulation for government contractors. Several weeks ago, a court intervened and enjoined part of the Fair Pay and Safe Workplace regulations. We explain this development below and highlight the Paycheck Transparency provisions of those regulations, which were not enjoined.

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