Legal Alert - The Expansive Breadth and Scope of Arizona's New Revised Uniform Arbitration Act


by Richard H. Herold and Benjamin W. Reeves

Recently, the Arizona Court of Appeals determined that under the 2010 Arizona Revised Uniform Arbitration Act, A.R.S. §12-3001, et seq. (the AZ-RUAA), a contractual agreement to arbitrate extends to: (i) arbitration of claims arising out of a related contract that lacks an arbitration provision, (ii) non-contract claims so long as resolution of the claim requires reference to the contract, and (iii) non-signatories in certain circumstances. In addition, the Court of Appeals confirmed that arbitrators have the power under AZ-RUAA to appoint receivers and dissolve limited partnerships. Sun Valley Ranch 308 LP v. Robson, 648 Ariz. Adv. Rep. 42 (App. 2012). These holdings expand the scope of who can enforce arbitration provisions and the claims that are subject to arbitration under Arizona law, while confirming the broad powers of arbitrators.

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