Legal Alert - Nevada Municipalities Require Inspection, Registration and Maintenance of Properties in Foreclosure


by Stephen B. Yoken, Zachary E. Redman and Alison Tashima

On December 19, 2012, the City of North Las Vegas became the most recent local government in Nevada to adopt an ordinance requiring foreclosing mortgage holders to inspect, register and maintain certain properties. The North Las Vegas City Council approved Ordinance No. 2619, which emulates the vacant property foreclosure registry programs previously implemented in the City of Las Vegas and unincorporated areas of Clark County, which, all together, cover approximately 88 percent of the population in the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area. The North Las Vegas Ordinance is more expansive than the other foreclosure registry programs as it requires foreclosing mortgage holders, or those in receipt of a deed in lieu of foreclosure, to register the property regardless of whether or not it is vacant.

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