Corporate Communicator - Spring 2012


Negotiating Investment Banking M&A Engagement Letters: Keeping the Investment Bank Incentivized While Protecting Your Interests

By Marshall Horowitz and Joshua Schneiderman

Congratulations … we hope. Your company has battled through the past several years of troubled economic times and has come out on the other side stronger for it. Cautious investors who have been hoarding their cash are slowly testing the investment waters, and a flurry of investment bankers are rummaging through the remnants looking for the diamond in the rough that entices some of this sidelined money back into the markets....

Social Media Practices and Policies for the Pharmaceutical Industry

By Angela Perez and Brandon Batt (formerly an associate with Snell & Wilmer)

The Food and Drug Administration’s much-anticipated draft guidance related to the use of social media by pharmaceutical companies fell far short of what the industry expected. More than two years after the FDA held initial hearing on the topic, it quietly released social-media guidelines that addressed only one particular issue: communications relative to off-label uses of their products. But, there is more guidance to come....

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