Legal Alert: Privacy and Data Protection Alerts


Snell & Wilmer Privacy and Data Protection Alerts

by Timothy Toohey, Rebecca Winterscheidt, Marc Currie and Jennifer Hadley Dioguardi

In our global economy, a wide variety of domestic and international legislative and regulatory bodies are focusing more of their attention on privacy and data protection issues. In the United States, companies are subject to an ever increasing number of federal and state statutes regulating protection of personally identifiable information and other data, particularly in the highly regulated health care, banking and financial industries. Although there is no comprehensive federal legislation regulating all areas, federal rules govern many industries and most states have enacted measures requiring companies to protect confidential data and to inform consumers of a data breach. Regulatory bodies, including the Federal Trade Commission are also increasingly active in utilizing their enforcement powers in regard to privacy provisions deemed to be deceptive or unfair trade practices, or that violate other consumer protection statutes.

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