Corporate Communicator - Fall 2011


Dear clients and friends,

Many public and larger private companies have complex organizational structures involving multiple levels of subsidiaries, affiliates and brother-sister entities. Oftentimes these entities take different legal forms (e.g., corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies) and may involve foreign entities. Companies often wish to restructure or consolidate these entities. There can be many different reasons for doing so, including mergers and acquisitions, strategic reasons, tax planning, capital events (e.g., secured lending facilities) or because the organizational structure has grown too complex or has become unwieldy. In this issue, we provide an overview guidance on the key steps, documents and pitfalls that should be considered when engaging in a restructuring or consolidation of a complex subsidiary structure.

This edition also includes short articles summarizing recent amendments to the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act and recent changes relating to the removal of rating requirements for the use of SEC Form S-3.

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