Under Construction - May 2010


Bidding on government contracts remains a hot topic for construction companies and contractors looking to stay busy in a still-struggling economy. In this issue of Under Construction, we offer some helpful articles that can guide you as you bid for government work. In our first article, More Small Business Preferences in Government Contracts on the Way, we keep you abreast of recent developments on small business preferences that are on the horizon pursuant to an executive order issued by President Obama. We also provide insight on how to best formalize a strategic partnership with a small business or other entity in order to obtain a federal government construction contract in our second article To Team or Not to Team, That is the Question.

In Five Common Pitfalls in Seeking Additional Insured Protection, we share some of the mistakes owners and general contractors make that can actually cost them the valuable protection they are seeking with respect to this type of coverage. Finally, as with every issue of Under Construction, we have included four articles that share important legal updates on recent bills passed by the Arizona and Colorado legislatures, and a Colorado Court of Appeals decision regarding insurance coverage.

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