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DOJ Incentivizes Voluntary Self-Disclosure of Corporate Criminal Misconduct in Policy Directive to U.S. Attorneys’ Offices Nationwide

March 06, 2023
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  20. Note, “In cases where the company is being jointly prosecuted by a USAO and another [DOJ] office or component, or where the misconduct reported by the company falls within the scope of conduct covered by VSD policies administered by other [DOJ] offices or components, the USAO will coordinate with, or, if necessary, obtain approval from, the [DOJ] component responsible for the VSD policy specific to the reported misconduct when considering a potential resolution and before finalizing any resolution. Consistent with relevant provisions of the Justice Manual and as allowable under alternate VSD policies, the USAO may choose to apply any provision of an alternate VSD policy in addition to, or in place of, any provision of this policy.” Text of Policy at 2 (citations omitted).

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