Wait, You Want An HOA?! Restricting Implied Common-Interest Communities

By: Neal McConomy

While the butt of many jokes and a thorn in the side of some property owners, homeowners associations (“HOAs”) serve the vital function of collecting and disbursing funds to care for and maintain common areas of residential developments. Without HOAs, neighborhood open spaces, parks, and other amenities risk falling into disrepair through a type of tragedy of the commons, wherein residents use such amenities but refuse to subsidize care and maintenance for these common areas believing someone else will pony-up the funds. HOAs, when properly organized and managed, avoid this problem by ensuring everyone pays their fair shares for the common areas.… Read More »

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Hold that paintbrush! A glimpse into design-control in planned communities


By: Erica Stutman

You are choosing a new paint color for the outside of your house, and you think, “Since all the other houses are beige, I’ll do mine purple.” Not so fast – you better check your community’s governing documents before brushing on that first coat of paint.

If you live in a planned community, you’ve probably seen a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (or similarly-titled document) (CC&Rs), which established the community and a homeowners’ association to govern it. Among other things, CC&Rs often allow for the creation of a design-review or architectural committee to act on behalf of the association, giving the committee members broad discretion to review and approve homeowners’ plans to modify their properties.… Read More »

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