California Case Deals with Nuisance Lawsuit Intended to Delay Foreclosure

A recent California case provides good precedent for dealing with nuisance lawsuits that are intended to delay valid foreclosures. In Brown v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company —Cal.Rptr.3d—, 2016 WL 2726229 (May 9, 2016), plaintiff sued defendants to stop them from foreclosing on her home.  The trial court sustained defendants’ demurrer without leave to amend, and dismissed plaintiff’s complaint.  The court of appeal affirmed.

In 2004, plaintiff took a $450,000 home loan from Washington Mutual Bank. Washington Mutual failed in 2008, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) was appointed its receiver.  The FDIC sold many of Washington Mutual’s assets, including loans and mortgage servicing rights, to JPMorgan Chase Bank (“Chase”). … Read More »

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