Arizona Courts Lacks Authority To Stay Forcible Entry And Detainer Judgments When The Judgment Itself Is Not Pending Appeal

By: Nicholas Kunz1411947988kdp8g

Can a court stay the execution of a Forcible Entry and Detainer (“FED”) action when the FED judgment itself is not appealed? The Arizona Court of Appeals recently addressed this question, holding that the court did not have the authority to stay the execution of the FED judgment, because only the denial of an Abeyance/Motion to Set Aside Judgment—and not the original FED judgment—was being appealed.

Facts/Procedural History

Tri City National Bank (“TCNB”) became the owner of a property occupied by the Gradys through a trustee sale. Shortly after the trustee sale, TCNB filed an action for FED to remove the Gradys from the property.… Read More »

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