Changes to Accounting Rules Alter Approach to Share-Based Withholding

Earlier this year the Financial Accounting Standards Board released Accounting Standards Update No. 2016-09 (the “ASU”) to improve the accounting treatment of certain stock-based compensation payments.  Among other updates, the ASU modifies the manner in which employers withhold on stock-based compensation awards. 

Under the current accounting rules, one requirement for favorable equity (rather than liability) accounting treatment is that the employer limit the amount it can withhold in connection with stock-based withholding to the minimum statutory amount necessary to satisfy taxes.  The ASU provides that equity accounting treatment will be retained if an employer withholds at the maximum statutory amount necessary to satisfy taxes (or allows the employee to elect his or her withholding rate as long as the elected rate does not exceed the maximum statutory rate in the employees’ applicable jurisdiction).  Read More ›

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