Emerging Business Seminar (Phoenix) – How To Deal With Disgruntled Creditors, Partners and Investors

HowToDealWithDisgruntledCreditorsPartnersAndInvestorsBusinesses sometimes encounter choppy waters. For example, the bank may express concern about some recent financial data, a business partner may start acting out of line, or investors might complain about the direction of the company.

How do you navigate through these difficult circumstances while best protecting yourself and your business? This seminar not only discusses some of the risks and liabilities that can flow from improperly handling these types of sensitive situations, but also provides some practical suggestions on how to mitigate risk and potentially resolve conflicts.

Snell & Wilmer invites you to the next program in the Emerging Business Seminar SeriesTM, where partners Brian J. Burt and Benjamin W. Reeves will discuss how to deal with disgruntled creditors, partners and investors.

Topics for this complimentary seminar include:

  • The legal duties that companies owe to creditors, partners, and investors
  • The risk of breaching those duties
  • What NOT to do when facing a crisis
  • Practical suggestions to resolve conflict and mitigate risk
  • Legal remedies available in distressed situations
  • Real world examples of problems that could have been avoided

For more information, and to RSVP, click here. 

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