Women's Initiative

Programs and Policies

To support the recruitment, retention, and promotion of its women attorneys, Snell & Wilmer has implemented several firm-wide programs and policies including:

  • A Women Attorney Advancement Program, focused on increasing business development and leadership skills, providing career guidance and mentoring to women attorneys, with the goal of increasing the number of women attorneys successfully advancing to partnership;
  • Cross-office programs and events specifically for women attorneys to encourage networking, marketing and mentoring opportunities;
  • An Alternative Work Arrangement ("AWA") partnership track reduced schedule program, administered by a designated AWA Coordinator; and
  • A graduated reduced hours schedule during the months before and after an attorney's parental leave for those attorneys who wish to take advantage of it.

Through these and other programs and benefits, Snell & Wilmer intends to continue — and expand — its commitment to hiring, retaining and promoting the best attorneys in each of our markets to meet our clients' needs.

Woman Attorney Advancement Program

Jill Perrella's Q&A about the Women's Attorney Advancement Program:

  1. Do you think that women in the legal marketplace have unique challenges with respect to business development and advancement?
    "I do think women in the legal marketplace have unique challenges with respect to business development and advancement. Advancement of women within the legal field (i.e., women becoming partner at a firm, women being named chief in-house counsel, etc.) continues to lag far behind that of men, due at least in part to the common struggle of many women to balance family and outside of work commitments with her career. This struggle to find balance in turn affects her ability to devote significant time to marketing and business development efforts, and narrows the pool of similarly situated professional women to which a female lawyer might successfully connect with and pitch business."
  2. Were there any specific things about the program (events or books or meetings) that you found helpful to you?
    "This program featured many wonderful and informative presentations related to marketing and business development, and presented the opportunity for women at a similar level within the firm to get to know one another and learn from each other."
  3. How did the program help you grow as an attorney or as a leader? For example, did it encourage you to do business development you would not otherwise have done?
    "The program definitely helped me grow as an attorney in terms of business development. By requiring me to document and discuss my business development goals and accomplishments on a very regular (weekly or bi-weekly) basis, the program held me accountable and really forced me to focus on and think critically and creatively about my marketing efforts in the near and far future. As a result, I developed and pursued marketing strategies I might not have otherwise attempted or even considered."