Artist Biographies

Evan Skrederstu
Evan Skrederstu often employs photo-realistic technique in his paintings and murals. This is not by accident. As a lead scenic painter in the entertainment industry, heading high-concept creative projects for major theme parks and production companies, it was imperative that he be invisible as an artist.  Skrederstu applies the opposite effect in his own work, drawing attention to how his pieces were created. Whether in detailed works on insects or on large walls, Skrederstu skillfully explores this tension between artist and medium, man and nature. His work has been featured in The Pasadena Museum of California Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles), and The Wall Street Journal.
Christopher Brand
Christopher Brand is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work encompasses a variety of media including painting, drafting, sculpture, murals, tattoos and installations. From his dynamically detailed renderings in ink or acrylics that call to mind the very best of scientific illustration to his eerily real polymer-clay and silicone sculptures, Brand is steeped in the cultural history of Los Angeles as well as Japanese aesthetics, and his work seeks to combine these diverse influences while pulling the curtain back on the constraints of reality. His pure line-work is both bold and confident, frequently immersing the viewer in dream-like surrealism while hinting at the elegance of a grand design lurking just beneath the surface.