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Investigations, Government Enforcement and White Collar Protection

Client and Industry Challenges

For companies, corporate executives and business leaders facing investigation or enforcement actions, every step or misstep can have irreversible repercussions. Businesses and individuals involved in federal and state investigations often need experienced counsel to advise on issues such as corporate governance, compliance programs and litigation defense.

Snell & Wilmer's attorneys represent corporate and individual clients in all aspects of federal and state government criminal and regulatory enforcement actions. Our lawyers are also experienced in conducting internal investigations on behalf of organizations and advising clients on compliance issues relating to virtually every aspect of business life. Led by former high-ranking government attorneys, our team has handled the most important and sensitive types of matters that a client can face.

Areas of Service

Snell & Wilmer is well-positioned to help clients navigate through the most difficult challenges relating to government enforcement, including:

  • Antitrust
  • Customs and export controls
  • Environmental regulation
  • False Claims Act/ qui tam/ whistleblower actions
  • Financial institution regulation
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Illegal gifts and bribery
  • Government procurement
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Money Laundering and Bank Secrecy Act
  • Securities regulation
  • Federal and state taxation

Other key services include:

White Collar Criminal Defense: Whether a client is a witness or a target in a government investigation, our criminal defense attorneys have the knowledge and experience to provide sound advice and counsel at every step in the process. Our close relationships with federal and state prosecutors and other government attorneys in each of the jurisdictions where we practice give our lawyers the kind of access and credibility that can make a difference. We have a successful track record of negotiating favorable outcomes prior to indictment as well as successfully trying cases when appropriate.

Investigations: Our attorneys are frequently retained by corporations, boards of directors and audit committees to conduct thorough and independent internal investigations into critical and often highly sensitive matters relating to potential wrongdoing within organizations.

Compliance: The firm regularly counsels corporate clients on important compliance issues and provides advice on best practices with the goal of helping to ensure that clients do not violate the often complex regulatory schemes that apply to their everyday business activities. We understand that the best defense is often a very good offense, and our lawyers are skilled at advising clients on how to set up the kind of internal controls that can minimize the risk of ethical and other violations that can lead to significant exposure.

Search Warrants: In recent years, state and federal law enforcement agencies have increased their investigation and prosecution of white collar crime, particularly relating to the securities and healthcare industries. The search warrant – instead of a grand jury subpoena – has become a regular method that law enforcement uses to obtain evidence. Law enforcement officers executing a warrant typically arrive at corporate offices with no prior notice, armed with a search warrant that entitles them to seize original business records, including computer records and, sometimes, records from the general counsel’s office. Important and immediate steps should be taken to protect the company’s and its employees’ interests and to preserve the attorney-client privilege. Snell & Wilmer assists clients in handling search warrants and avoid making a bad situation worse. When there is advance notice, the firm helps clients minimize their risks and exposure from such aggressive investigatory techniques.

Grand Jury and Inspector General Subpoenas: Receipt of a subpoena from a grand jury or an inspector general is a meaningful event – but what it means is not always clear. Snell & Wilmer helps its clients decipher that meaning. It works with its clients to develop tactics to minimize exposure and the costs of compliance.

Clients We Serve

Our attorneys defend corporations, board members and others at every stage of the federal and state enforcement process. We regularly manage complex matters that involve multiple jurisdictions and regulators; with white collar criminal defense and investigations attorneys located in our Denver, Las Vegas, Orange County, Phoenix, Reno, Salt Lake City, and Tucson offices, we are uniquely positioned to provide seamless cross-border representation in our region and throughout the United States.

Why Clients Select Us

Experienced and Invested: Our white collar criminal defense and investigations team includes a former U.S. Attorney, a former federal agency Inspector General, several former federal and state prosecutors, a former Trial Attorney with the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, former Judge Advocate Generals from every branch of the military service and other outstanding lawyers with significant experience in representing clients before government bodies of all types. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to understand how regulators and other government officials are likely to view the conduct in question.

Connected and Recognized: Our white collar criminal defense lawyers can leverage the resources of a large firm to address the complex and often time-sensitive issues that arise in matters of this type. Deep and longstanding relationships with prosecutors, judges and other government officials give our attorneys a level of credibility and respect with decision-makers that can make a difference when it matters most. The outstanding reputations that our attorneys enjoy with government decision-makers gives our work product unparalleled credibility when it comes to regulatory and charging decisions.

White Collar Crime Defense Attorneys in Phoenix

Our Phoenix white collar crimeattorney team includes, among others, a former U.S. Attorney, a former federal agency Inspector General, several former federal and state prosecutors, a former Trial Attorney with the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice and former Judge Advocates from every branch of the military service. The firm is widely recognized and can leverage resources to address complex and sensitive issues.