Class Action Litigation – Digital Advertising

We have extensive experience representing clients in consumer protection litigation, specifically regarding advertising and promotions, including Internet marketing and advertising matters involving advertisers, advertising networks, affiliate/publishers and claims involving violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and various state consumer protection statutes. We regularly advise clients with respect to consumer class action litigation, and investigations by the Federal Trade Commission and various state attorneys general and consumer protection divisions.


​​Highlights of Snell & Wilmer's high-level class action litigation experience in the Digital Advertising and Marketing industry are included below.

  • Defended client in class action jury trial
  • Defended putative nationwide class action suit alleging false advertising/consumer protection and civil racketeering
  • Previously defended and currently defending neutraceutical companies in false advertising/consumer protection nationwide putative class actions in various courts across the country including California, Illinois, New Jersey and Utah
  • Defended client in multiple Federal District Court putative class action suits alleging fraud and false advertising
  • Defended potential suit alleging false advertising claims and violation of consumer protection statutes by Florida attorney general
  • Defended putative nationwide class action claim asserting violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act