Global Connection - January 2012


Letter From Editor

by Brett W. Johnson

Dear Friend of Snell & Wilmer:

The year 2011 will hopefully be considered a turning point for the economic downturn. Although United States’ exports were up in 2011, which supports the proposition that global trade will drive the United States economy out of the recession, companies are still coming to appreciate the complexities of international trade.

As discussed in this edition of the Global Connection, there are multiple government programs that can assist a company that wishes to initiate or expand global opportunities for services and goods. In addition, Snell & Wilmer will be hosting our annual World Trade Forum IV on January 18, 2012 for an opportunity to hear top government officials from local, state and national levels reflect on what has happened in 2011 and discuss the outlook for 2012 with regard to global trade, government efforts and programs to stimulate international trade, and how all of this will impact Arizona …

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