Diversity & Inclusion

“One Community, Identity of Many”

In 2009, Snell & Wilmer established and implemented the “Snell & Wilmer Pre-Law Program” to serve self-identified diverse undergraduate students.

The hallmark of the Program was the LSAT Scholarship, which provided selected candidates with a monetary stipend covering the costs of taking and preparing for the law school admission test. Since its introduction, the firm has awarded more than a dozen LSAT Scholarships to aspiring lawyers of diverse backgrounds across the country.


Law School

LAST / Pre - 1L Prep
Books / Leadership Development

Despite those successes, the firm never stopped working to, and caring for, improvement. Indeed, the social constructs of diversity and inclusion are never static and therefore neither were our efforts. Understanding the subtle complexities of the challenges faced by diverse candidates, Snell & Wilmer expanded the Pre-Law Program and LSAT Scholarship to the Fellowship for Advancement and Resources (“FAR”).

FAR provides selected fellows:

  • A Path for Admission
  • Knowledge to Hit the Ground Running
  • Tools to Compete
  • Resources to Succeed
  • Empowerment

Step 1:

Download and fill out the Attestation document to submit with your FAR application.

Attestation document

Step 2:

Apply for the FAR program

Apply for our FAR program!