Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center

COVID-19 Response Team

Client and Industry Challenges

Lawyers across our firm have been asked by clients to assist with a variety of legal and business challenges presented by COVID-19.

In addition to labor, employment and worker safety issues, our lawyers are helping to interpret a variety of contract clauses and disputes, as well as insurance, privacy, healthcare, supply chain, SEC reporting and bankruptcy issues.

On the employment side, businesses are asking for guidance on COVID-19 prevention, employee testing, reporting suspected cases, employee travel, immigration, employee compensation issues while on leave, and principles of workplace safety and health.

On the employee benefits front, we are helping clients assess the changes they might make to their medical plans (as required by changes in the law and/or voluntarily) to lessen the financial burden on employees so they receive appropriate COVID-19 testing and treatment.

On the corporate and insurance end, clients are asking when and how they can terminate agreements and whether insurance may be available to cover cancellations charges or loss of income. In addition, they need advice on provisions that should be added to contracts moving forward.

Further, there are considerations involving possible disruptions to SEC and other regulatory reporting due to loss of earning and supply chain issues due to lapses in manufacturing, the analysis of supply chain obligations, as well as the obligations and the potential liability of directors and officers.

Clients We Serve

Our lawyers are currently assisting a wide variety of businesses across the world dealing with the challenges of the reality caused by COVID-19. Our services for the clients are handled by attorneys across the firm in practice areas including employment, labor and employment, corporate and securities, privacy, employee benefits, insurance, health care and litigation.

Why Clients Select Us

Our response team, comprised of an interdisciplinary group of lawyers, formed quickly recognizing the complex legal and business issues that businesses would confront as a result of COVID-19. This group has issued legal alerts and newsletters on the topic and has hosted multiple webinars to address a range of concerns. The group remains committed to monitoring the issues and bringing as much clarity and guidance to clients as possible. With more than 450 attorneys in 15 locations, Snell & Wilmer is well prepared to assist clients with practical advice as COVID-19-related issues continue to impact business around the world.