A Subsequent Developer has no Ability to Force a Public Body to Call an Abandoning Developer’s Performance Bonds for Infrastructure Improvements.

The Arizona Court of Appeals decided on July 22, 2014 that a developer cannot compel a public entity to call its performance bonds to complete infrastructure improvements on a construction project that a prior developer abandoned due to bankruptcy.  Ponderosa Fire Dist. et al. v. Coconino County et al., 1 CA-CV 13-0545.

– See more on this case from our blogger Rick Erickson at: http://www.swlaw.com/blog/construction-ally/2014/07/23/a-subsequent-developer-has-no-ability-to-force-a-public-body-to-call-an-abandoning-developers-performance-bonds-for-infrastructure-improvements/#sthash.3iBSqIC1.dpuf

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