Union Agency Fees & Lobbying

In the 27 right to work states, currently in the country, union nonmembers may not be required to pay  fees to private sector unions as a condition to obtain or retain employment. In the rest of the states  – union security … Continue reading

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NLRB: New Law of Unilateral Changes

There is a flurry of articles on the  NLRB decisions last week, reversing Obama-era rulings on the subjects of joint employers (Hy-Brand Industrial Contractors) handbook policies (The Boeing Co.) and the ‘micro-unit standard’ in representation cases (PCC Structurals Inc.) Another … Continue reading

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Forecasted Changes with a Republican NLRB

With the confirmation of William Emanuel by the Senate on September 25, 2017, the NLRB has a Republican majority. Democrat/union lawyer members had been in the majority for many years. Republican Marvin Kaplan had been confirmed by the Senate on … Continue reading

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