Must Drug Manufacturer Coupons Count Toward Annual Maximum Out-Of-Pocket Limits? Stay Tuned …

What is the Annual Maximum Out-Of-Pocket Limit (“MOOP”)?

MOOP is the most a participant must pay for covered services under a group health plan in a plan year. After a participant spends this amount on deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance, the health plan must pay 100% of the costs of covered benefits.

What are Drug Manufacturers’ Coupons (“Coupons”)?

Many drug manufacturers offer coupons to patients to reduce out-of-pocket costs. Drug manufacturers may offer these coupons for various reasons including: (1) to compete with another brand name drug in the same therapeutic class; (2) to compete with a generic equivalent when released; or (3) to assist consumers whose drug costs would otherwise be extremely high due to a rare or costly condition. Read More ›

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