Making a List, Checking it Twice – 2017

It’s that time of year when boys and girls start making their lists for the holidays, but we in the employee benefits world make a very different kind of list.  In the rapidly changing world of employee benefits and executive compensation law, checklists can be particularly helpful to make sure important issues do not fall through the cracks.  Each year we publish health and welfare, cost-of-living, executive compensation, and qualified retirement plan checklists to help individuals stay apprised of changes in the law, changes that they might need to make to their employee benefits plans, and various notice requirements.  We just published the last of our annual checklists.  In case you missed them, the links are below.

Happy Holidays!

2017 End of Year Plan Sponsor “To Do” List (Part 1) Health & Welfare

2017 End of Year Plan Sponsor “To Do” List (Part 2) Annual Cost of Living Adjustments

2017 End of Year Plan Sponsor “To Do” List (Part 3) Executive Compensation

2017 End of Year Plan Sponsor “To Do” List (Part 4) Qualified Retirement Plans

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