Business Email Compromise: What It Is and What You Can Do

Business email compromise (“BEC”) is a type of cyberattack that is increasing at an alarming pace. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation estimated in a May 2017 alert that global losses due to BEC scams totaled more than $5.3 billion … Continue reading

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WannaCry: What to Know and What to Do

On Friday, May 12, 2017, a malicious ransomware program known as WannaCry was discovered infecting computer systems all over the world.  It set off alarms globally, and so far has infected over 200,000 computers across more than 150 countries.  Victims include Deutsche … Continue reading

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FBI Warns of Romance Scams that “Break Hearts and Bank Accounts”

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, the FBI issued a timely warning about the rise of “Romance Scams.”  This type of Internet crime typically targets older widowed or divorced women.  While these women are typically computer literate and educated, they may also be … Continue reading

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Privacy Tip: Cover Your Computer Camera and Microphone

Someone may be using your laptop or your desktop web camera to watch and listen to you without your knowledge. It happens, and yes, it’s downright creepy.  And to think that someone may be spying on your kids that way … Continue reading

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Beware of Emerging Cyber Scams – Part 1: Business Email Compromise

This is the first in a series of articles about increasingly sophisticated cyber scams, and follows several alerts issued by the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).  These scams include:  (1) Business Email Compromise; (2) Ransomware; (3) Wireless Keystroke Loggers Disguised as USB … Continue reading

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More Questions than Answers – The DOJ’s Sudden Change in Tactics in the Apple iPhone Encryption Dispute

In the ongoing iPhone encryption battle between the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) and Apple, March 22, 2016 might have been a pivotal moment in the national discourse on digital privacy rights, encryption, and the bounds of federal investigative authority. March … Continue reading

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FBI v Apple: Using a 1789 Law in a 21st Century Privacy Fight

Earlier this week Apple CEO Tim Cook announced to Apple customers that the company would oppose a federal court order (the “Order”) issued on February 16, 2016 because the company believes the Order “threatens the security of our customers.”  In response to … Continue reading

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