WannaCry Ransomware Attack – A Really Quick Primer

Over the past week, computers all over the world have fallen victim to a ransomware attack known as “WannaCry”.  The WannaCry malware reportedly utilizes sophisticated hacking tools that were leaked from the National Security Agency earlier this year.  It exploits … Continue reading

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FTC sues IoT Device Manufacturer D-Link for Lax Cyber Security Practices

On January 5, 2017, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) filed a complaint against computer networking hardware manufacturer D-Link Corporation, alleging that the company’s wireless routers, IP cameras, and other “Internet of Things” (IoT) products failed to implement basic security features, thus … Continue reading

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To Settle Privacy Law Claims, California AG Requires Firm to Hire a Chief Privacy Officer and Assess Privacy Risks

In October 2015, California Attorney General Kamela Harris announced a settlement with Bay Area housing design startup Houzz, Inc. to resolve alleged violations of California privacy laws.  According to the AG’s office, for about 6 months in 2013, Houzz allegedly … Continue reading

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Inside Insight: How the FTC Approaches Data Breach Investigations

A data breach hurts in a myriad of ways – the tarnished image of the breached company, the diminished consumer trust, and the bottom-line impact of remedial costs and lost business.  The last thing a company already reeling from a … Continue reading

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