Los Angeles Will Suffer Natural Gas Leak for Months

ENR reports that relief wells drilled to relieve pressure and allow the Aliso Canyon natural gas leak to be repaired will not be complete until at least late February, 2016. The new well pipes are supposed to meet the leaking … Continue reading

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Arizona to Receive Millions for I-11 Highway Project

The Arizona Republic is reporting that Arizona will receive an additional $380 million in federal highway funding for the Interstate 11 corridor project, as well as legislation to support the Sonoran Corridor project under the recently passed federal highway and … Continue reading

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California HS Rail Likely to Be Late and Over Budget

The Los Angeles Times reports experts predict tunneling projects for the California Bullet Train to be over-budget and delayed by complications of boring through fractured rock formations, known and unknown earthquake faults and other problems posed by the boundary between … Continue reading

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Denver Transit Partners Set to Open DIA to Union Station Section

Denver Transit Authority is set to open the section of the @2.2 billion “Eagle” transit public private partnership project running from Denver International Airport to Denver’s Union Station in April. See video report from American City Business Journal/Denver here.

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A Subsequent Developer has no Ability to Force a Public Body to Call an Abandoning Developer’s Performance Bonds for Infrastructure Improvements.

The Arizona Court of Appeals decided on July 22, 2014 that a developer cannot compel a public entity to call its performance bonds to complete infrastructure improvements on a construction project that a prior developer abandoned due to bankruptcy. Ponderosa Fire Dist. … Continue reading

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