Employers May Discontinue Checkoff of Union Dues at Expiration of Union Contract

In a December 16, 2019 decision, the National Labor Relations Board (Board) held that employers’ statutory obligation to checkoff union dues pursuant to their union contracts ends when said contracts expire. Overruling relatively recent precedent, the Board based its decision on … Continue reading

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Union Dues Checkoff: Update from NLRB

A recent Memorandum issued by  the General Counsel (GC) of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)  (GC 19-04, February 22, 2019), discusses issues  of importance to all employers and in particular to employers that have union contracts that provide for … Continue reading

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Union Agency Fees & Lobbying

In the 27 right to work states, currently in the country, union nonmembers may not be required to pay  fees to private sector unions as a condition to obtain or retain employment. In the rest of the states  – union security … Continue reading

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Extraction of Agency Fees from Non-Consenting Public Employees is Unconstitutional

In Janus v AFSCME , U.S. No. 16-1466, the Supreme Court held on June 27, 2018 that  States and public sector unions  may no longer extract agency fees from non-consenting employees. Such extractions violate the employees’ First Amendment  right to … Continue reading

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Unilaterally Imposed Restrictions on Employees Right to Revoke Union Dues Deduction Authorizations (Checkoff) are Unlawful

On May 8, 2018, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, by a unanimous panel, upheld the NLRB decision that restrictions imposed unilaterally by an IBEW local union on employees right to revoke union dues checkoff authorizations were unlawful. See Local … Continue reading

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Workplace Word: The U.S. Supreme Court and the “Fate of the Union”

Check out the latest edition of Snell & Wilmer’s Workplace Word – see here. This edition explores the recent oral argument before the U.S. Supreme Court concerning whether nonunion employees working in the public sector should have to pay partial … Continue reading

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