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Founded in 1938, Snell & Wilmer is a full-service business law firm with more than 400 attorneys practicing in eight locations throughout the western United States and in Mexico, including Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Phoenix, Reno, Salt Lake City, Tucson, and Los Cabos.

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Name Title Location Phone vCard
Joseph G. Adams Partner Phoenix 602.382.6207 vCard
Sara J. Agne Associate Phoenix 602.382.6026 vCard
Cynthia L. Alexander Partner Las Vegas 702.784.5234 vCard
Jim P. Allen Associate Salt Lake City
801.257.1956 SLC
520.882.1287 TUC
Jonathan M. Allen Associate Denver 303.634.2086 vCard
Parker A. Allred Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1964 vCard
Robert Anderson Partner Las Vegas
702.784.5386 vCard
Cortland P. Andrews Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1802 vCard
Katherine Lee Annuschat Associate Orange County 714.427.7410 vCard
Troy J. Aramburu Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1525 vCard
Sina S. Aria Associate Orange County 714.427.7430 vCard
Brian G. Arnold Partner Los Angeles 213.929.2524 vCard
J. Damon Ashcraft Partner Phoenix 602.382.6389 vCard
Kenneth Ashton Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1528 vCard
Sara M. Athen Associate Phoenix 602.382.6375 vCard
Marie A. Aucoin, Ph.D. Counsel Phoenix 602.382.6201 vCard
Bradley Austin Associate Las Vegas 702.784.5247 vCard
Hadar L. Avraham Associate Phoenix 602.382.6000 vCard
Raphael J. Avraham Associate Phoenix 602.382.6334 vCard
John F. Baird Partner Phoenix 602.382.6397 vCard
Connie H. Bak Associate Los Angeles 213.929.2625 vCard
Lorna B. Banister Counsel Phoenix 602.382.6258 vCard
David G. Barker Partner Phoenix 602.382.6376 vCard
Daniel G. Barry Associate Orange County 714.427.7487 vCard
Robert C. Bates Of Counsel Phoenix 602.382.6263 vCard
Christopher H. Bayley Partner Phoenix 602.382.6214 vCard
Jeffrey E. Beck Partner Phoenix 602.382.6316 vCard
J. Paul Betzer Counsel Denver 303.634.2080 vCard
Don Bivens Partner Phoenix 602.382.6549 vCard
John J. Bouma Chairman Phoenix 602.382.6216 vCard
Damon L. Boyd Partner Phoenix 602.382.6337 vCard
Cory L. Braddock Associate Phoenix 602.382.6336 vCard
Jason B. Brinkley Associate Denver 303.634.2066 vCard
Tiffanny Brosnan Partner Orange County 714.427.7068 vCard
Greg Brower Partner Reno
Las Vegas
M. Lawrence Brown Partner Phoenix 602.382.6510 vCard
Terri N. Buccino Staff Attorney Phoenix 602.382.6597 vCard
Adam C. Buck Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1550 vCard
Wade R. Budge Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1906 vCard
Brian W. Burke Partner Phoenix 602.382.6379 vCard
Brian J. Burt Partner Phoenix 602.382.6317 vCard
Marek P. Bute Partner Las Vegas 702.784.5266 vCard
Patrick G. Byrne Partner Las Vegas 702.784.5201 vCard
Brad R. Cahoon Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1948 vCard
Manuel H. Cairo Partner Phoenix 602.382.6534 vCard
Nancy K. Campbell Partner Phoenix 602.382.6374 vCard
David O. Caplan Counsel Phoenix 602.382.6284 vCard
Justin L. Carley Partner Las Vegas 702.784.5250 vCard
Sheila Carmody Partner Phoenix 602.382.6268 vCard
Gregory M. Carpenter Partner Orange County 714.427.7440 vCard
David J. Carroll Partner Phoenix 602.382.6382 vCard
J. Craig Cartwright Partner Phoenix 602.382.6066 vCard
K. Alexandra Cavin Staff Attorney Las Vegas 702.784.5290 vCard
Cynthia M. Chandley Partner Phoenix 602.382.6154 vCard
Brian C. Cheney Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1873 vCard
Lulu Y. Chiu Associate Los Angeles 213.929.2548 vCard
David A. Clark Associate Phoenix 602.382.6557 vCard
Michael J. Coccaro Associate Phoenix 602.382.6444 vCard
Justin R. Cochran Associate Las Vegas 702.784.5260 vCard
Ahron D. Cohen Associate Phoenix 602.382.6731 vCard
Jon S. Cohen Partner Phoenix 602.382.6247 vCard
Roger C. Cohen Partner Denver 303.634.2120 vCard
Joseph L. Coleman Partner Orange County 714.427.7015 vCard
Christopher P. Colyer Associate Phoenix 602.382.6579 vCard
James R. Condo Partner Phoenix 602.382.6353 vCard
Joshua D. Cools Associate Las Vegas 702.784.5267 vCard
Lisa M. Coulter Counsel Phoenix 602.382.6348 vCard
Vaughn A. Crawford Partner Phoenix
Las Vegas
Frank Cronin Of Counsel Orange County 714.427.7010 vCard
Brian D. Cunningham Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1954 vCard
Marc R. Currie Partner Phoenix 602.382.6532 vCard
Patricia J. Curtis Partner Las Vegas 702.784.5226 vCard
Brian Daluiso Associate Orange County 714.427.7432 vCard
Timothy J. Dance Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1908 vCard
Nathan K. Davis Partner Denver 303.634.2024 vCard
Barbara J. Dawson Partner Phoenix 602.382.6235 vCard
John S. Delikanakis Partner Las Vegas 702.784.5259 vCard
Craig S. Denney Counsel Reno
Las Vegas
775.785.5411 RNO
702.784.5200 LV
Blakely Joy Denny Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1841 vCard
Richard A. Derevan Of Counsel Orange County 714.427.7016 vCard
Christopher J.L. Diedrich Associate Denver 303.634.2119 vCard
Jennifer Hadley Dioguardi Partner Phoenix 602.382.6371 vCard
Michael M. Donahey Partner Phoenix 602.382.6381 vCard
Matthew K. Donovan Partner Phoenix 602.382.6574 vCard
H. Wiley Dornseif Associate Denver 303.634.2122 vCard
Ian K. Douglas Associate Phoenix 602.382.6373 vCard
Kelly H. Dove Associate Las Vegas 702.784.5286 vCard
Denise A. Dragoo Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1998 vCard
Curtis J. Drake Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1805 vCard
Anne E. Dwyer Associate Orange County 714.427.7433 vCard
Jason Ebe Partner Phoenix 602.382.6240 vCard
Claire P. Edwards Associate Orange County 714.427.7038 vCard
Richard G. Erickson Partner Phoenix 602.382.6540 vCard
David W. Evans Of Counsel Orange County 714.427.7019 vCard
Kelly A. Evans Partner Las Vegas
Salt Lake City
Elizabeth Evensen Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1882 vCard
Christopher M. Fahrendorf Associate Phoenix 602.382.6291 vCard
Trisha D. Farmer Associate Phoenix 602.382.6735 vCard
Douglas P. Farr Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1863 vCard
Yousef A. Farsakh Associate Los Angeles
Orange County
213.929.2500 LA
714.427.7438 OC
Chad R. Fears Partner Las Vegas 702.784.5258 vCard
Matthew P. Feeney Partner Phoenix 602.382.6239 vCard
Robert H. Feinberg Partner Phoenix 602.382.6380
602.758.3946 (mobile)
Jared C. Fields Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1862 vCard
Ian M. Fischer Associate Phoenix 602.382.6388 vCard
Matthew Paul Fischer III Partner Phoenix 602.382.6227 vCard
Andrea Fitzgerald Associate Denver 303.634.2078 vCard
Andrew S. Flior Associate Orange County 714.427.7083 vCard
Aaron D. Ford Partner Las Vegas 702.784.5265 vCard
Katherine V. Foss Associate Tucson 520.882.1274 vCard
Brian J. Foster Partner Phoenix 602.382.6242 vCard
Patrick X. Fowler Partner Phoenix 602.382.6213 vCard
Tracy H. Fowler Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1920 vCard
R. Lee Fraley Partner Phoenix 602.382.6250 vCard
Jonathan E. Frank Partner Orange County 714.427.7022 vCard
Carlos Freaner Associate Los Cabos 011-52-624 144 66 76
Daniel Frost Partner Denver 303.634.2038 vCard
Alex L. Fugazzi Partner Las Vegas 702.784.5202 vCard
Suellen Fulstone Staff Attorney Reno 775.785.5409 vCard
Brian K. Furgason Counsel Denver 303.634.2096 vCard
Brian P. Gaffney Partner Denver 303.634.2077 vCard
Donald L. Gaffney Partner Phoenix 602.382.6254 vCard
James D. Gardner Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1962 vCard
Colleen Gautam Associate Phoenix 602.382.6548 vCard
Greg Gautam Associate Phoenix 602.382.6356 vCard
Michael A. Gehret Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1530 vCard
Albin H. Gess Partner Orange County 714.427.7020 vCard
Paul J. Giancola Partner Phoenix 602.382.6324 vCard
Charles E. Gianelloni Associate Las Vegas 702.784.5373 vCard
Martha E. Gibbs Of Counsel Phoenix 602.382.6233 vCard
Charles E. Giddings Partner Tucson 520.882.1215 vCard
Graham J. Gilbert Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1911 vCard
Emily Gildar Associate Phoenix 602.382.6734 vCard
Dan W. Goldfine Partner Phoenix 602.382.6282 vCard
Daryl Rene Gonzalez Associate Phoenix 602.382.6340 vCard
Richard C. Gordon Partner Las Vegas 702.784.5210 vCard
James M. Gottry Associate Phoenix 602.382.6224 vCard
Joshua Grabel Partner Phoenix 602.382.6280 vCard
Roger A. Grad Partner Orange County 714.427.7011 vCard
Steven T. Graham Partner Orange County 714.427.7002 vCard
Kyle W. Graves Associate Phoenix 602.382.6559 vCard
Philip J. Graves Partner Los Angeles 213.929.2542 vCard
Keith M. Gregory Partner Los Angeles 213.929.2547 vCard
Blakeley E. Griffith Associate Las Vegas 702.784.5212 vCard
Susan A. Grueneberg Partner Los Angeles
Orange County
213.929.2543 vCard
Geoffrey L. Gunnerson Associate Phoenix 602.382.6108 vCard
Jordan Hafen Associate Phoenix 602.382.6246 vCard
Steffi Gascón Hafen Associate Orange County 714.427.7076 vCard
Andrew F. Halaby Partner Phoenix 602.382.6277 vCard
Jamie L. Halavais Associate Phoenix 602.382.6236 vCard
Barry D. Halpern Partner Phoenix 602.382.6345 vCard
Scott M. Hancock Associate Phoenix 602.382.6189 vCard
Landon A. Hardcastle Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1927 vCard
Andrew V. Hardenbrook Associate Phoenix 602.382.6229 vCard
Blake T. Hardwick Associate Denver 303.634.2059 vCard
Charles F. Hauff Jr. Partner Phoenix 602.382.6314 vCard
Jefferson R. Hayden Associate Phoenix 602.382.6208 vCard
William R. Hayden Partner Phoenix 602.382.6329 vCard
Robert A. Henry Partner Phoenix 602.382.6259 vCard
Courtney L. Henson Associate Tucson 520.882.1249 vCard
James W. Henson Associate Phoenix 602.382.6396 vCard
Justin S. Hepworth Associate Las Vegas 702.784.5237 vCard
Richard H. Herold Partner Phoenix 602.382.6223 vCard
Colin R. Higgins Associate Orange County 714.427.7536 vCard
Thomas R. Hoecker Partner Phoenix 602.382.6361 vCard
Kevin J. Hogan Associate Phoenix 602.382.6185 vCard
Joel P. Hoxie Partner Phoenix 602.382.6264 vCard
Jenny Hua Associate Orange County 714.427.7422 vCard
Daniel W. Huitink Associate Phoenix 602.382.6519 vCard
W. Brian Hulse Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1957 vCard
Cheryl A. Ikegami Partner Phoenix 602.382.6395 vCard
Anthony J. Ippolito Associate Orange County 714.427.7409 vCard
Joy L. Isaacs Associate Phoenix 602.382.6390 vCard
Andrew M. Jacobs Partner Tucson 520.882.1207 vCard
Amanda Jenkins Associate Phoenix 602.382.6310 vCard
Craig T. Jenson Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1881 vCard
Steven D. Jerome Partner Phoenix 602.382.6344 vCard
Sarah K. Jezairian Counsel Tucson 520.882.1227 vCard
Brett W. Johnson Partner Phoenix 602.382.6312 vCard
Kasey K. Johnson Associate Denver 303.634.2123 vCard
Cary D. Jones Partner Los Angeles 213.929.2501 vCard
Jacob C. Jones Associate Phoenix 602.382.6562 vCard
James H. Jones Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1921 vCard
Ray C. Jones Counsel Las Vegas 702.784.5240 vCard
Christy D. Joseph Partner Orange County 714.427.7028 vCard
Nathan G. Kanute Associate Tucson
Las Vegas
520.882.1232 TUC
702.784.5200 LV
775.785.5440 RNO
Jeremy Kapteyn, Ph.D. Associate Phoenix 602.382.6736 vCard
Ashley T. Kasarjian Associate Phoenix 602.382.6544 vCard
William A. Kastin Partner Phoenix 602.382.6554 vCard
Richard C. Katz Counsel Tucson 520.882.1244 vCard
Timothy J. Kay Partner Orange County 714.427.7400 vCard
Charles P. Keller Partner Phoenix 602.382.6265 vCard
Michael A. Keller Associate Las Vegas 702.784.5264 vCard
Patrick W. Kelly Associate Los Angeles 213.929.2533 vCard
Michelle Keogh Associate Phoenix 602.382.6303 vCard
Robert F. Kethcart Partner Phoenix 602.382.6533 vCard
Joseph S. Kiefer Partner Phoenix 602.382.6541 vCard
James D. Kilroy Partner Denver 303.634.2005 vCard
Robert R. Kinas Partner Las Vegas 702.784.5203 vCard
Anthony T. King Associate Phoenix 602.382.6513 vCard
Kathryn Hackett King Associate Phoenix 602.382.6332 vCard
Eric L. Kintner Partner Denver 303.634.2071 vCard
Todd P. Komaromy Associate Phoenix 602.382.6321 vCard
Mark E. Konrad Partner Tucson 520.882.1220 vCard
Ryan D. Konsdorf Associate Phoenix 602.382.6543 vCard
Joseph A. Kroeger Partner Tucson 520.882.1254 vCard
Kelly A. Kszywienski Partner Phoenix 602.382.6384 vCard
Timothy J. Kuhn Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1947 vCard
Nicholas M. Kunz Associate Phoenix 602.382.6326 vCard
Matthew L. Lalli Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1929 vCard
Adam E. Lang Partner Phoenix 602.382.6522 vCard
Erin Denniston Leach Associate Orange County 714.427.7008 vCard
Sid Leach Partner Phoenix 602.382.6372 vCard
Jordan M. Lee Associate Orange County 714.427.7444 vCard
David E. Leta Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1928 vCard
Michael T. Liburdi Partner Phoenix 602.382.6170 vCard
Michael E. Lindsay Partner Denver 303.634.2083 vCard
Matthew W. Lockin Associate Phoenix 602.382.6383 vCard
Craig A. Logsdon Partner Phoenix 602.382.6253
480.650.4048 (mobile)
John F. Lomax, Jr. Partner Phoenix 602.382.6305 vCard
Carlene Y. Lowry Partner Phoenix 602.382.6365 vCard
Jennifer Luina Associate Las Vegas 702.784.5251 vCard
Todd E. Lundell Partner Orange County 714.427.7526 vCard
Kevin T. Lytle Partner Phoenix 602.382.6065 vCard
Kelly Wilkins MacHenry Partner Phoenix 602.382.6370 vCard
Daniel McEvers Mahoney Partner Phoenix 602.382.6206 vCard
Richard Mallery Partner Phoenix 602.382.6232 vCard
Deborah Mallgrave Counsel Orange County 714.427.7431 vCard
Gregory J. Marshall Partner Phoenix 602.382.6514 vCard
Lindsey E. Martinez Associate Orange County 714.427.7058 vCard
Karlene E. Martorana Associate Phoenix 602.382.6099 vCard
Julie E. Maurer Counsel Phoenix 602.382.6526 vCard
Neal McConomy Associate Denver 303.634.2079 vCard
Travis R. McGivern Associate Tucson 520.882.1259 vCard
Steven A. McHolm Of Counsel Orange County
Los Angeles
714.427.7004 vCard
Richard J. McNeil Partner Orange County
Los Angeles
714.427.7517 vCard
Elisabeth M. McOmber Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1880 vCard
Craig R. McPike Partner Phoenix 602.382.6538 vCard
Leon F. Mead II Partner Las Vegas
702.784.5239 vCard
Brad W. Merrill Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1541
801.201.6130 (mobile)
Amelie Bredas Messingham Partner Tucson 520.882.1213 vCard
Amber M. Mettler Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1883 vCard
Anne M. Meyer Partner Phoenix 602.382.6595 vCard
Lee Mickus Partner Denver 303.634.2016 vCard
Joseph M. Miller Associate Phoenix 602.382.6738 vCard
Brian J. Mills Partner Orange County 714.427.7484 vCard
Creighton D. Mills Partner Orange County 714.427.7070 vCard
Matt P. Milner Associate Tucson 520.882.1279 vCard
Benjamin M. Mitsuda Associate Phoenix 602.382.6507 vCard
M. Lane Molen Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1831 vCard
Mark Molique Associate Phoenix 602.382.6391 vCard
Alina Mooradian Associate Los Angeles
Orange County
213.929.2518 vCard
Randolph T. Moore Partner Orange County 714.427.7007 vCard
Gerard Morales Of Counsel Phoenix 602.382.6362 vCard
Mark O. Morris Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1904 vCard
William F. Mulholland, II Partner Phoenix 602.382.6226 vCard
James M. Mulligan Partner Denver 303.634.2018 vCard
Jonathan R. Murphy Associate Orange County 714.427.7031 vCard
Brent W. Nelson Associate Tucson 520.882.1238 vCard
Eric M. Nielsen Partner Salt Lake City
801.257.1572 SLC
602.382.6572 PHX
David P. Nigro Associate Phoenix 602.382.6509 vCard
A. Evans O'Brien Associate Phoenix 602.382.6360 vCard
John O'Brien Partner Denver 303.634.2113 vCard
William S. O'Hare Partner Orange County
Los Angeles
714.427.7013 OC
213.929.2522 LA
Catherine M. O'Mara Associate Reno
Las Vegas
775.785.5428 vCard
Timothy G. O'Neill Partner Denver 303.634.2003 vCard
Mark D. Ohre Partner Phoenix 602.382.6394 vCard
Virginia Olmstead Associate Denver 303.634.2144 vCard
Bob L. Olson Partner Las Vegas 702.784.5295 vCard
Nicole A. Ong Associate Phoenix 602.382.6418 vCard
Jill Casson Owen Counsel Tucson 520.882.1242 vCard
Paul A. Pappalardo, Ph.D. Associate Phoenix 602.382.6319 vCard
Kevin J. Parker Partner Phoenix 602.382.6238 vCard
Seepan V. Parseghian Associate Los Angeles 213.929.2510 vCard
Patrick J. Paul Partner Phoenix 602.382.6359 vCard
Serge V. Pavluk Partner Orange County
Los Angeles
714.427.7442 OC
213.929.2500 LA
Christopher W. Payne Associate Phoenix 602.382.6153 vCard
Lindsay Pearson Associate Tucson 520.882.1225 vCard
Stewart O. Peay Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1527 vCard
Neil Peck Of Counsel Denver 303.634.2006 vCard
Angela L. Perez Partner Phoenix 602.382.6354 vCard
Casey G. Perkins Associate Las Vegas 702.784.5227 vCard
Robin E. Perkins Associate Las Vegas 702.784.5238 vCard
Jill H. Perrella Associate Tucson 520.882.1240 vCard
William E. Peterson Partner Reno 775.785.5407 vCard
Morgan Petrelli Associate Las Vegas 702.784.5233 vCard
Eric S. Pezold Partner Los Angeles
Orange County
714.427.7414 vCard
Jennifer R. Phillips Associate Phoenix 602.382.6565 vCard
Andrew L. Pidcock Partner Denver 303.634.2023 vCard
Cynthia L. Pillote Counsel Phoenix 602.382.6296 vCard
John Platt Partner Phoenix 602.382.6367 vCard
Warren E. Platt Partner Orange County
714.427.7475 OC
602.382.6292 PHX
Prescott B. Pohl Partner Phoenix 602.382.6515 vCard
Robert J. Pohlman Of Counsel Phoenix 602.382.6155 vCard
Jody K. Pokorski Partner Phoenix 602.382.6399 vCard
William N. Poorten, III Partner Tucson 520.882.1226 vCard
Jeffrey S. Porter Associate Phoenix 602.382.6575 vCard
Michael Preciado Associate Orange County 714.427.7445 vCard
Joseph W. Price Jr. Partner Orange County 714.427.7420 vCard
Swen Prior Partner Las Vegas 702.784.5262 vCard
Jacey Prupas Associate Reno 775.785.5408 vCard
Brett H. Ramsaur Associate Orange County 714.427.7428 vCard
Peter J. Rathwell Of Counsel Phoenix 602.382.6203 vCard
Brian R. Reeve Associate Las Vegas 702.784.5219 vCard
Benjamin W. Reeves Associate Phoenix 602.382.6506 vCard
Patricia Lee Refo Partner Phoenix 602.382.6290 vCard
Timothy J. Reppucci Associate Tucson 520.882.1258 vCard
Michael B. Reynolds Partner Orange County 714.427.7027 vCard
Katie A. Richardson Associate Orange County 714.427.7033 vCard
Ryan D. Ricks Associate Phoenix 602.382.6551 vCard
Karl O. Riley Associate Las Vegas 702.784.5209 vCard
Troy D. Roberts Associate Phoenix 602.382.6528 vCard
John A. Robertson Partner Tucson 520.882.1206 vCard
Daniel S. Rodman Partner Orange County
Las Vegas
714.427.7086 OC
702.784.5200 LV
David E. Rogers Partner Phoenix 602.382.6225 vCard
Terry Roman Partner Phoenix 602.382.6293 vCard
George A. Ross Director, Legislative and Government Affairs Las Vegas 702.784.5220 direct
702.784.5200 main
Brett J. Rufer Associate Tucson 520.882.1208 vCard
Jonathan M. Saffer Partner Tucson 520.882.1236 vCard
Amy M. Samberg Partner Tucson
Las Vegas
Scott C. Sandberg Partner Denver 303.634.2010 vCard
Byron Sarhangian Associate Phoenix 602.382.6531 vCard
James J. Scheinkman Partner Orange County 714.427.7037 vCard
Bahar A. Schippel Partner Phoenix 602.382.6257 vCard
Cindy K. Schmidt Associate Tucson 520.882.1278 vCard
Joshua Schneiderman Partner Los Angeles 213.929.2545 vCard
Matthew T. Schoonover Associate Phoenix 602.382.6503 vCard
Marc L. Schultz Partner Phoenix 602.382.6358 vCard
Jay J. Schuttert Partner Las Vegas 702.784.5232 vCard
Robert Schwimmer Associate Phoenix 602.382.6346 vCard
Jeffrey A. Scudder Partner Phoenix 602.382.6556 vCard
Paul W. Shakespear Associate Salt Lake City
Las Vegas
Mandy S. Shavinsky Partner Las Vegas
702.784.5229 vCard
Greer N. Shaw Partner Los Angeles 213.929.2644 vCard
Ricky Shelton Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1554 vCard
Amanda Sheridan Associate Phoenix 602.382.6304 vCard
Sean M. Sherlock Partner Orange County 714.427.7036 vCard
Jeffrey W. Shields Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1877 vCard
Justin A. Shiroff Associate Las Vegas 702.784.5281 vCard
James J. Sienicki Partner Phoenix 602.382.6351 vCard
Marc G. Simon Partner Tucson 520.882.1233 vCard
Jeffrey M. Singletary Associate Orange County 714.427.7473 vCard
Timothy A. Smith Counsel Phoenix 602.382.6067 vCard
Stephen W. Smithson Counsel Salt Lake City 801.257.1971 vCard
Howard I. Sobelman Partner Phoenix 602.382.6228 vCard
Amy F. Sorenson Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1907 vCard
Nicole Sornsin Associate Phoenix 602.382.6392 vCard
Eric H. Spencer Associate Phoenix 602.382.6573 vCard
David A. Sprentall Partner Phoenix 602.382.6260 vCard
Heidi McNeil Staudenmaier Partner Phoenix 602.382.6366 vCard
L. William Staudenmaier Partner Phoenix 602.382.6571 vCard
Adam J. Stegge Associate Phoenix 602.382.6306 vCard
Michael D. Stein Partner Las Vegas 702.784.5280 vCard
Garth D. Stevens Partner Phoenix 602.382.6313 vCard
Jeremy J. Stewart Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1865 vCard
Andrew C. Stone Associate Phoenix 602.382.6364 vCard
Michael Strand Associate Denver 303.634.2021 vCard
Erica J. Stutman Associate Phoenix 602.382.6230 vCard
Carlos A. Sugich Partner Phoenix
Los Cabos
011-52-624 144 66 88
Alan L. Sullivan Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1955 vCard
Landon O. Sullivan Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1885 vCard
Mary-Christine ("M.C.") Sungaila Partner Orange County
Los Angeles
714.427.7006 vCard
James M. Susa Counsel Tucson
Las Vegas
520.882.1237 vCard
Marvin S. ("Bucky") Swift, Jr. Partner Phoenix 602.382.6211 vCard
Irina Tanurcov Associate Phoenix 602.382.6076 vCard
Alison Tashima Associate Las Vegas 702.784.5256 vCard
Joseph Teleoglou Associate Orange County 714.427.7000 vCard
David G. Thatcher Partner Denver 303.634.2146 vCard
Lowell E. Thomas Partner Tucson 520.882.1221 vCard
Michael J. Thomas Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1536 vCard
Alexander C. Thoreen Associate Phoenix 602.382.6733 vCard
D. Neal Tomlinson Partner Las Vegas
702.784.5276 vCard
Lyndsey A. Torp Associate Orange County 714.427.7529 vCard
Jeff Tuttle Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1960 vCard
Carlie Tweeten Associate Phoenix 602.382.6393 vCard
Ketan S. Vakil Partner Orange County 714.427.7405 vCard
William E. Van Curen Associate Phoenix 602.382.6278 vCard
Nicholas Varela Associate Phoenix 602.382.6237 vCard
M. Roxanne Veliz Partner Tucson 520.882.1222 vCard
Joseph Yoshimitsu Viola Partner Phoenix 602.382.6328 vCard
John C. Vryhof Partner Phoenix 602.382.6333 vCard
David E. Weiss, Jr. Partner Phoenix 602.382.6204 vCard
Elizabeth M. Weldon Partner Orange County
Los Angeles
714.427.7461 OC
213.929.2529 LA
John G. Weston Partner Salt Lake City 801.257.1931 vCard
Jacob P. Whitted Associate Denver 303.634.2084 vCard
Jay D. Wiley Of Counsel Phoenix 602.382.6261 vCard
Craig K. Williams Partner Phoenix 602.382.6331 vCard
David P. Williams Counsel Salt Lake City 801.257.1914 vCard
Mark W. Williams Associate Phoenix 602.382.6542 vCard
Jeffrey Willis Partner Tucson 520.882.1231 vCard
Rebecca A. Winterscheidt Partner Phoenix 602.382.6343 vCard
John Wirthlin Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1524 vCard
Daniel S. Wittenberg Partner Denver
Orange County
303.634.2072 DEN
714.427.7402 OC
Marjorie A. Witter Associate Los Angeles 213.929.2639 vCard
Carol M. Wong Associate Orange County 714.427.7467 vCard
William Wong Associate Los Angeles 213.929.2638 vCard
Nicholas J. Wood Partner Phoenix 602.382.6269 vCard
Joshua R. Woodard Partner Phoenix 602.382.6281 vCard
Brock Worthen Associate Salt Lake City 801.257.1521 vCard
Joyce K. Wright Partner Phoenix 602.382.6249 vCard
Jasmin Yang Associate Los Angeles 213.929.2554 vCard
Jessica E. Yates Partner Denver 303.634.2097 vCard
Stephen B. Yoken Partner Las Vegas 702.784.5235 vCard
Stephen J. Young Counsel Tucson 520.882.1260 vCard
Mark A. Ziemba Partner Orange County 714.427.7537 vCard

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